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Each side quest you complete, The Avatar's experience (EXP) increases

Where does Patterson go at night?
Patterson, the Mayor of Britain, acts like the perfect Fellowship Member. However, his wife Judith suspects him of cheating on her. Follow Patterson after the Fellowship meeting to the northeastern part of Britian, east of the castle, to discover that he is having an affair with Candice. He will agree to break the affair off, and become a better person.

Miranda's Law
Locke Lake in Cove is very polluted. Miranda ,a council member of Lord British in his castle, wants to get a new law passed to clean up the lake and needs Lord Heather, the mayor of Cove, to sign a scoll to pass the Bill into Law. Take the scroll to by walking east of Britian to Cove, get it signed, and bring it back.

Acting for Avatars
Go to the theatre-house sorta on the western part of Britian and have a chat with the director, Raymundo. Ask for an audition to play the Avatar in their play. Then go talk to Gaye, the seamstress to get an Avatar costume made. Put it on and go do your audition, and really 'feel' the part.