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Each side quest you complete, The Avatar's experience (EXP) increases

Nastassia's Father
Talking with Lord Heather, the mayor, will reveal that only Nastassia is without a lover. She also tells you to talk to De Maria to hear the story of Nastassia. Do so. Then go talk to Nastassia, and she will ask you to find out what happened to her father, Julius. The trail now leads to the Emps in the Deep Forest to the west of Britian, but you need honey to talk to them. Luckily there is a bee cave (56N, 54W). Go there, and all the way in you will find some honey, take it and run from all them giant Bees. Talk to the Emp Trellek, who will tell you that Julius saved the lives of countless Emps, and is the only human that the Emps call "Hero". Sniff. Go back and tell Nastassia.