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Each side quest you complete, The Avatar's experience (EXP) increases

Balayna's Doubts
Talk to Balayna in the Fellowship Hall and she'll spill out her doubts about the Fellowship, and the Head of the Fellowship in particular. If you talk to Rankin about Balayna's Doubts, he will ask you to give her a vial, if you do she will kneel over and die. If you don't she'll mysteriously vanish. If you talk to Rankin after she's dead or vanished, he'll offer some lame excuse for her absence.

Zelda's Affections
Talk to Phearcy, the bartender, who asks you to get some gossip on Zelda. Go talk to Zelda up at the Lycaeum, and she'll tell you that she is attracted to Brion. Talk to Brion who admits that he has no feelings for Zelda. Then go talk to his twin brother Nelson who admits that he has quite the crush on Zelda. Then go tell Zelda the news. Go back to Phearcy to get your food.

Brion's Orrery
Talk to Brion about the telescope, and the subject of an orrery will come up. He will tell you that an Astrological Event will happen soon, and that such an event only happens once in 800 years. Say "BYE" and he will insist that you look at his collection of odd junk. Look at the crystals, and he will offer to make you a portable orrery viewer. All he needs is one more crystal. Well Addom has one, go buy it from him (he's usually in the pub) for 20 gold. Then come back and Brion will make the Orrery for you. The orrery will show you how close you are to the end of the game, based on how close the "Astrological Alignment" is to happening. When you are near the End of the Game, the Alignment will be very close.

There are 3 farmers in Moonglow: Cubolt, Tolemac, and Morz. Tolemac just joined the Fellowship and wants Morz to join as well. Talking with Cubolt, he'll ask you to try talking to Tolemac and Morz to talk them out of the Fellowship. It won't work with Tolemac, he's too far gone, but Morz will listen and avoid the Fellowship. Just don't mention his stutter in any way.