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Each side quest you complete, The Avatar's experience (EXP) increases

Three Pirates and a Locket
A trio of Pirates were shipwrecked on the island recently. Also Henry lost the locket that he was going to give to his true love, Constance. Could these 2 events be related? Talk to Henry to learn his tragic story of his lost locket, and consequently, his lost love. Seems also that he lost the locket after talking to the 3 pirates. Agree to help him find it, and then go talk to Sam about the locket. Now go talk to the three pirates. Robin, the well dressed pirate, tells you that he lost a locket, his own locket. One of the other pirates says that the last time they saw the locket was back in the pub. Go talk to Boris, the pub owner, and he will confess that he stole the locket from Robin. Seems his wife Magenta found the locket and assumed it was a gift to her. Tell her that Boris stole it, and she will give it to you. Go talk to Robin again and he will reveal his plan to kidnap Constance and sell her in Buccaneer's Den. Don't reveal where your boat is and he will attack you to keep his secret. Return the locket to Henry. And finally go inform Constance of all that has happened.