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Each side quest you complete, The Avatar's experience (EXP) increases

Free Weston
You first encounter this subplot in Paws, where the name Weston comes up. Seems he has a wife and kids who haven't heard from him in awhile, but they know that he went to Britain. Later on, on the roof of Lord British's castle, in the far left corner, you find a cell with Weston inside. Talk to him and agree to talk to Lord British about him. Do so, and Weston will be freed.

Who Stole the Poison?
Talking to Morfin, the butcher, you will quickly discover that a vial of Silver Serpent poison has been stolen from his stock. Go talk to Camille, and agree to deliver the grain to the mill for her. Once that is done, Feridwyn will tell you that the poison was found in Tobias' (Camille's son) possession. Tobias, however, claims that Garritt (Feridwyn's son) framed him. You'll get a tip that Morfin isn't all that he seems, search his house for a silver key hidden partially by a table in the bottom left corner and goto the slaughterhouse. Take a key from under the bucket sitting on the floor, and open the storeroom to find a chest, unlock the chest. Inside you will find gold bars, venom and a book outlining his crooked dealings. Confront Morfin about this, and he'll mention that Garritt may be using the venom (which acts like a drug) he'll also give you a key. Use the key to open Garritt's chest in the Inn to find the Vial of Venom. Confront him and he'll confess. He isn't sorrowful about the experience, though, and still acts superior.

Thurston's Infatuations
Talking with Thurston he'll tell you that he's got only 1 reason to live, the bar maid, Polly. Talk to Polly about Thurston, and she'll be impressed with the story. Tell Thurston of the events and he'll be very happy. Real tough, huh?