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Each side quest you complete, The Avatar's experience (EXP) increases

Who defaced Lord British?
It would seem that someone doesn't take too kindly to the current regime and has defaced the statue of Lord British at the entrance to the Hold. Talk to Lord John Paul first, and he will ask for your help in solving the crime. Then go talk to Denton in the pub, and ask him for help. He tells you to go talk to Sir Richter. Richter will give you some stone chips to help with your investigation. Now go talk to Leigh, the healer, and ask her to examine the stone chips that you just got. There is Gargoyle blood on the chips, and there is only One Gargoyle on the island, Horffe. Talking to Horffe will reveal that he didn't do it, but that his blood was spilt defending the statue from an unknown vandal. Tory then directs your attention to Jordan. Jordan says that the night of the incident he heard Lady Jehanne cry out during the night. Go to Jehanne now. She tells you that it was Pendaran who did the heinous deed. Confront Pendaran with your knowledge, and he will eventually confess. Finally go tell John Paul of your findings.

Tory's Baby
Talking with Tory, you will discover that her baby Riky has been taken away by Harpies, and that the knights have given up. Agree to find Riky. Riky is on the shrine of honor (151S, 9W) south of Trinsic. Kill the harpies and take Riky home.