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Each side quest you complete, The Avatar's experience (EXP) increases

Mysterious Monk
In Empath Abbey there are 3 monks, yet for some reason the 2 in the back of the abbey haven't ever heard of the third, Kreg. Talk to Kreg and he will ask for a Black Potion (invisibility) ... for research of course, not to slip town unnoticed. Give him the potion and he'll drink it and escape. If, however you go to the High Court you'll find records of a criminal who sometimes goes by the name Kreg. Confront him with this and he'll attack you.

Flowers for the Healer
Talk to the healer, Reyna, and she will tell you of the sad story of her mother's death, she also wishes for more flowers to adorn her mother's grave in the graveyard. Go talk to Aimi in the Abbey (she's the female monk) and tell her the story of Reyna's mother, and she will then give you the flowers, (you'd have to buy them otherwise). Then go give the flowers to Reyna, and she will say "Thanks", and will offer to discount her healing services up to and including 50% off!

Tax Dodging Nudists
The nudists in the Bee Cave aren't as dumb as they claim. In actuality they're ducking taxes by hiding in the cave. You have to somehow get them to reveal this. After all, everything else is revealed