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(premiere partie)

ULTIMA 7 (PT. 1)
Runic Alphabet
Main Characters
Books by Batlin


The Avatar, or you, is the main character of Ultima7. He also is a citizen of Earth and is the Champion of Virtue. You will control the Avatar through the world of Britannia only to stop the evil Guardian. You are brought to Britannia by Lord British to do so. In the past, you have saved Britannia 6 times and now are faced with the Black Gate. You find the secret of the Fellowship and succeed at all costs.


Iolo is, if not, the Avatar's most trustful companion. Iolo has always been there for the Avatar. He is a loving and caring husband to Gwenno. Iolo has invented the triple-crossbow and started a shop in Britian called Iolo's Bows. Iolo is a bard who often travels the lands in search of adventure and truth. His trusty item, the lute, is always at his side and ready to be played. This is how I picked the name of my web page.


Dupre is from Earth and followed Lord British into Britannia. After recently being knighted, and once being mayor of Trinsic, Dupre has decided to do a study of all of the drinking establishments in Britannia. He resides in Jhelom and will never turn down a good drink.


Shamino currently loiters at an inn in Britain with his new girlfriend Amber. He still has your pocketwatch and will gladly join you. He is a great ranger and fighter. The Fellowship is not his religion and he always seems to notice its strangeness. He has extreme loyalty to the Avatar and has helped him often and well in the past.


Spark is the son of Christopher, the blacksmith of Trinsic. He lives alone in a 2-story house in Trinsic and always has a sad look upon his face. If you let him join you, which I suggest you do, he will smile once again. He only seeks revenge on the man who killed his father, Hook. He plays no part in the Fellowship and proves to be a skillful fighter for a kid.


Sentri is a trainer by trade in Britian who is from Earth. He teaches dexterity by making you concentrate harder. His aid to the Avatar has always been helpful since he is such an excellent fighter with the sword and heavy armor. If you recruit him, he will train your party for free.


Katrina resides in New Magincia and is a shepherdess. She now raises sheep and lives a rather boring life compared to the ones she had with the Avatar in the past. Her wisdom and care will always assist you in your quest of stopping the evil Guardian. Katrina, however, is the weakest character.


Julia originally hailed in Minoc and was dedicated to Sacrifice. She was a valuable ally in the Avatar's previous quests and will continue to help the Avatar to this day. She knows alot about the statue that the Fellowship is going to build for Owen, the Shipwright. Her help may be needed in stopping the Guardian.


Tseramed is a lone ranger in the forests by Yew. He is always outdoors and likes to study the Bee Cave by his house. He hates the Fellowship so make sure not to wear the medallion when you talk to him. He often crafts sleep arrows to hunt for food. He still searches for Abraham and Elizabeth because he holds them responsible for killing his beloved wife.


She was once a citizen of Yew, and a companion of the Avatar. She was a druid who was a great magic caster. She later moved to Cove and practiced magic with Rudyom. She now is dedicated to Passion, rather than Justice. The Avatar should take her to the Isle of Fire to make it alot easier.