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(premiere partie)

ULTIMA 7 (PT. 2)
Runic Alphabet
Main Characters

Ultima 7: Part Two, The Serpent Isle
The Complete Guidebook
Version 1.4 (10-16-2000)
by Dan Simpson (

Reagants: H - Harnna, P - Pothos, D - Delphynia

Note: The Ring of Reagants (Silver Seed) completely eliminates the need for reagants. In your spell book, where the number of casts used to be will now be an Infinity Symbol.

Type: Abrev. Cost:
Black Pearl BP P (50-25gu), D (70-35f)
Blood Moss BM ** Must be found, 123S 147E **
Blood Spawn BS ** Must be found **
Garlic GR H (3 for 8-4m), D (15-9f), P (8-5)
Ginseng GN H (2 for 9-5m), D (20-11f)
Mandrake Root MR D (65-35f), P (75-45gu) found at 10N 147E
Nightshade NS D (25-13f)
Serpent Scales SC ** Must be found **
Spider Silk SS P (35-19gu), can be found where there are spiders
Sulfurous Ash SA P (36-20gu), also found in Furnace
Worm Heart WH P (100-60gu)

Potions: (all potions are sold by Pothos in Moonshade)
Note: You can also buy a Yellow/Heal potion in the Mountains of Freedom

Color: Effect: Cost:
Black Invisibility 240-135gu
Blue Sleep 85-40gu
Blue/Black Warmth **
Green Poison **
Orange Awakening 65-30gu
Orange/Red Mana Restoration **
Purple Protection 150-75gu
Red Cure 75-45gu
Yellow Heal 100-50gu

Serpent Teeth:
Note: * indicates that the tooth won't be there until Batlin is dead

Destination: Found:
Fawn Vasculio, or Filbercio's house*
Furnace Rotoluncia's house
Great Northern Forest Vasculio or Frigidazzi's house*
Isle of Crypts Xenka*
Mad Mage Isle Erstam
Monitor Furnace
Monk Isle Erstam
Moonshade Erstam
Sleeping Bull Inn Batlin
Shrine of Discipline Batlin
Shrine of Emotion Torissio's house*
Shrine of Enthusiasm Batlin
Shrine of Ethicality Gustacio's house*
Shrine of Logic Batlin
Shrine of Tolerance Stefano*
Skullcrusher Batlin
Spinebreaker Batlin
Sunrise Isle Yenani

There are Nine Circles of Magic (no more linear spells!). You can cast your level, i.e. a level 3 avatar can cast circle 3. Also the circle number is how much mana a spell will cost.
* - only after you get out of the Mountains of Freedom, offers spells for free
** - disappears after you get out of Mountains of Freedom, appears at the Temple of Tolerance
Note: I also had some trouble getting Melino to sell me spells. At first he wouldn't sell me spells, then only after I got out of Freedom would he sell to me. (I don't think that's supposed to happen) Also don't mention the stalkings to him or he WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN!

The Mages:

Name: Abrev Where:
Ensorcio E Sleeping Bull Inn
Melino M Moonshade
Torrissio T Moonshade
Columna C Moonshade
Gustacio* G Moonshade
Mortegro** MR Moonshade/Tolerance
Elissa S Silver Seed

Spells: * -- indicates that you start with the spell (when you get the new spell book in Moonshade from Fedabiblio)

First Circle: Reagants: Where:
Create Food GR, GN, MR G, E (20-12g, 30-18gu)
*Cure GR, GN M (22-14g, 33-21gu)
Detect Trap NS, SS G, T (40-20gu)
Great Douse GR, SS E (18-9g, 27-13gu)
Great Ignite SA, SS C (30-18g, 45-27gu)
Light SA T (40-20gu)
Locate NS E (26-13g, 39-20gu), C (35-20g, 52-30gu)
Telekinesis BP, BM, MR M (30-18g, 45-27gu),MR (40-25gu)

Second Circle:
*Awaken GR, GN T (65-30gu)
Destroy Trap BM, SA C (50-30g, 75-45gu)
False Coin NS, SA E (80-50g, 120-75gu)
Cold Blast BP, SA, WH G, MR (150-100gu)
Great Light MR, SA M (60-40g, 90-60gu), C (60-30g, 90-45gu)
*Heal GR, GN, SS T (75-38gu)
Mass Cure GR, GN, MR M (75-50g, 112-75gu)
Protection GR, GN, SA C (80-50g, 120-75gu)

Third Circle:
Chill GR, GN, WH gift from Frigidazzi
Columna's Intuition BP, GR C (120-80g, 180-120gu)
Curse GR, NS, SA C (75-40g, 112-60gu), MR (120-70gu)
Enchant Missile BP, MR G, M (70-35g, 105-52gu), T (150-80gu)
Mass Protection GR, GN, MR, SA C (100-60g, 150-90gu)
Paralyze NS, SS E (70-35g, 105-52gu), MR (140-85gu)
Sleep BP, NS, SS E (60-34g, 90-51gu)
*Translation BP, MR, SS, SA T (175-85gu)

Fourth Circle:
Blink BM, MR MR (200-130gu)
Create Soul Prism BM, GR, MR, SC, SS, SA T (late in game)
Deter GR, SS E (90-50g, 135-75gu)
Flash MR, SA M (90-50g, 135-75gu)
Mass Curse GR, MR, NS, SA C (110-60g, 165-90gu), MR (175-100gu)
Reveal BM, SA M (100-60g, 150-90gu)
*Transcribe BP, SS T (220-130gu)
Unlock Magic BM, SA G, C (120-70g, 180-105gu)

Fifth Circle:
Conjure MR, SS G
Dispel Field BP, GR, SS, SA Selina's corpse
Erstam's Surprise BP, GR, MR, SA E (160-100g, 240-150gu), MR (240-170gu)
Explosion BM, BP, MR, SA M (135-80g, 202-120gu)
Great Heal GR, GN, MR, SS T (250-130gu)
Invisibility BM, NS C (155-90g, 232-135gu)
Mass Sleep GN, NS, SS E (145-80g, 217-120gu), S (250-140g)
Summon Shade BM, MR, NS, SS, SA Mortegro after Freedom

Sixth Circle:
Betray BP, NS, SS M (145-80g, 217-120gu), T (285-150gu)
Cause Fear GR, MR, NS T (300-175gu), MR(300-210gu)
Cold Strike BM, BP, WH, SA found in Frigidazzi's Lab
Create Ammunition BM, GN, SA C (175-120g, 262-180gu), S (300-175g)
Create Automaton MR, SA, SS, SC T (750-550gu)
Dispel Illusion GR, MR, NS M (160-110g, 240-165gu), C (165-110g, 247-165gu)
Fire Field BP, WH, SS, SA G
Fire Ring BP, WH, MR, SS, SA E (180-110g, 270-165gu)

Seven Circle:
Energy Field BP, MR, SS, SA M (250-140g, 375-210gu)
Energy Mist BM, MR, NS, SA C (250-180g, 375-270gu)
Lightning BP, MR, SA T (350-200gu)
Mass Awaken GR, GN M (250-140g, 375-210gu)
Mass Might BP, GN, MR T (400-200gu), MR(350-240gu)
Poison Mist BM, NS, SA C (280-190g, 420-285gu)
Restoration GR, GN, MR, SS G
Vibrate BP, BM, MR, SS E (220-110g, 330-165gu), S (350-200g)

Eighth Circle:
Create Ice WH, SS found in Frigidazzi's Lab
Delayed Blast BM, BP, MR, SS, SA G
Fetch BM, BP, MR M (285-165g, 427-247gu)
Firesnake GR, MR, SA found in Rotoluncia's house
Invoke Serpent BM, GR, SS, WH, SC MR (425-325gu), S (380-200g)
Mind Blast BS, BP, NS, SA E (300-185g, 450-277gu), MR (400-285gu)
Serpent Bond BM, BP, GR, SS, WH, SC MR (450-350gu), S (450-300g)
Swordstrike BP, BS, MR, NS E (285-165g, 427-247gu)

Ninth Circle:
Death Vortex BM, MR, NS, SA E (350-220g, 525-330gu), MR (500gu)
Imbalance NS, SA, WH, SC MR (1200gu), S (800-600g)
Mass Death BM, BS, GR, GN, MR, NS E (400-250g, 600-375gu), MR (600gu)
Mass Invisibility BP, BM, MR, NS found in Vasculio's lab
Spiral Missile BM, BS, BP, NS, SA G, E (425-260g, 637-390gu)
Stop Storm BP, GR, MR, SS, SA G
Summon BM, GR, MR, SS found in Gustacio's basement
Time Stop BM, GR, MR found in Columna's lab