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(premiere partie)

ULTIMA 7 (PT. 2)
Runic Alphabet
Main Characters


The Avatar, or you, is the main character of Ultima7 Part 2. He also is a citizen of Earth and is the Champion of Virtue. You will control the Avatar through the world of Serpent Isle only to stop the evil Guardian once again. You have arrived in the Serpent Isle by sailing between the two great Serpent PIllars in search of the sage Batlin and Iolo's innocent Gwenno. This has all occured exactly 18 months after your destruction of the Black Gate.


Iolo is, if not, the Avatar's most trustful companion. Iolo has always been there for the Avatar. He is a loving and caring husband to Gwenno. Iolo has invented the triple-crossbow and started a shop in Britian called Iolo's Bows. Iolo is a bard who often travels the lands in search of adventure and truth. His trusty item, the lute, is always at his side and ready to be played.


Dupre is from Earth and followed Lord British into Britannia. After being knighted and once being a mayor back in Britannia, Dupre has decided to do a study of all of the drinking establishments known to man. Dupre is loyal and strong, so much that his bravery would mean sacrificing his own life for the Avatar


Shamino used to run an inn in Britannia with his new wife. He is a great ranger and fighter. Shamino follows the Avatar to the Serpent Isle, not for riches and fame, but to be a trusty companion. Shamino lives for adventure.


Boydon is the recent success of Erstam's creations of life. Earlier, Erstam the Mad Mage had tried to make Boydon, but the experiment failed and his head was separated from the rest of his body. However, with the Avatar's help, you can gather all the proper limbs to remake Boydon. Immediately, you notice his foul body odor after his creation. This man really needs a bath, but he still proves to be strong and helpful.


Although Stefano plays a very small role in this game, he still is a giant help in saving the Avatar in the Mountains of Freedom to the northeast of Moonshade. He still can follow the Avatar after the moutains, but he plays a minor role in the plot of this story. (note that Stefano isn't really a main character, but one that you can recruit)


Wilfred is a unique knight of Monitor, who spends his time defending the lonesome Sleeping Bull Inn. He is a skilled fighter, and the ideal adventurer. It's a shame that he only joins the Avatar after the Avatar's companions have gone mad and nearly everyone in Serpent Isle is dead. Wilfred can really be helpful in this time of need in Serpent Isle. (note that Wilfred isn't really a main character, but one that can help you once you've lost all your companions)