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(premiere partie)

ULTIMA 7 (PT. 2)
Runic Alphabet
Main Characters

Invisible Chest

Just o the northeast of the Sleeping Bull Inn lies a tall, gray monolith on the coastline. On top is the invisible chest. You can just get to it by stacking crates, or you can just use Cheat Mode and bring it down to you. You need a key to unlock it, however. Check on the outside of the southern fence of the Inn and you'll see a large brown tree. Double-click it and get the key inside. Use that to unlock the invisible chest.

Cantra's Murdered Father

Check the moutains just to the West of Harnna the Healer's house. Try to keep walkthrough through them. At one point, you'll be able to, and you'll come to a locked door inside the mountains. The key to open it is on Spektor's body. After you either use Cheat Mode or actually kill Spektor to get inside, you will see a dead body with a scroll and powderkegs around him. This is Cantra's murdered father. He apparently came across the Goblin's secret explosive weapons, and the Goblins felt he had to be murdered. Read the scroll written by Cantra, and go tell Harnna the terrible news.

List Field Key in Monitor

You know that big fighting stadium in Monitor? Well, Luther has the key to open the doors, as well as Dupre's Shield.

Pothos' Apothecary

The main stairs leading to Pothos' place has a secret Wall. Behind it, another stairway leads you to a small room with a lightning whip on a pedestal. There is another secret Wall on the north wall; a passage leads to a door. Unlock the door with the key to Pothos' vault (found under his chair). The teleporter brings you to a football field complete with cheerleaders and the home team! There's some treasure at the end of the field. You can enter this place without the cheat mode. However, to get out of here you MUST use the cheat mode (teleporter at end of field does not work).

Claw Island

Teleport to (112S, 62E). There are many cats around here, as well as some human corpses. Go inside to get some treasure and some Plot Items (like the Gwani Horn). You can also find many of the items you need to beat the game.

Jive Talkin`

To watch the intro or the endgame (without actually playing the game) type:

intro hisss
endgame hisss

To see the Jive intro, where the Guardian reveals that he is really a sadistic muppet type:

intro hisss jive

Erstam's Private Retreat

This one is considered "Cheating". Go to (81S, 100E) and place a crate by the stump to climb onto it. You will be teleported to a small island. Don't step on the teleporter here, instead, work your way north by way of going east. Eventually you will get to a new island, go in and find Erstam's Retreat. He has a lot of naked women here, as well as some very nice items, including some Plot Items (hence why it's cheating).

Naked Woman

At (23S, 126E) is a small camp, with the only occupant being a naked, blonde woman.