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(premiere partie)

ULTIMA 7 (PT. 1)
Runic Alphabet
Main Characters
Books by Batlin

WARNING: You are using these cheats at your own risk. If you save what edits you make, it may affect your saved games and prevent you from ever beating Ultima7.

When you're in MS-DOS and you're in the ULTIMA7 directory, type this line:

ultima7 abcd<alt-255>

<alt-255> is a character code, that looks suspiciously like a space. If you've never done Alt Codes before, this is how they work: Press and hold the ALT button, press 2 5 5 on the numeric pad (its on the right side of your keyboard) and let go of ALT. I know it looks like an empty space, but believe me, thats right.

When you enter the game, here are the options:

F1 - brings up the commands for cheating
F2 - brings up the debug menu
F3 - brings up the teleport map
F5 - cast any spell. (just enter the number of the spell, select who gets to cast it, and, if needed, select where to cast it)
<Alt-4> makes the person who you use it on drop all of his/her belongings

On the debug menu (F2), you have a lot of selections. Here is what some of them do:

Number ID Shows all of the NPC numbers for every person in Ultima7.
Hack Mover Allows you to pick everything up, even the scenery. You can also pick yourself up.
Followers Brings all of the possible party members you can have to you
Game Flags Shows you the flags. Flags are something that tells the computer to do an action when something happens. Suppose you enter a room and someone is supposed to run up and talk to you. A flag would trigger this event
Create Item Lets you create any object by their number. To download a list of every item and its number, click here
Modify NPC Allows you to create schedules for characters by their NPC's and tell them to do stuff, such as "bake" or "preach"
Power Avatar When enabled, this lets your Avatar not get hurt or die
Set Time Sets the time

Having trouble? If you're having trouble finding the debug menu, try F2 again and it should look like this:

[b]usiness schedule
[d]o Schedule.: All
[g]ame flags
[n]umber ID...: Off
[p]ower Avatar: Off
[s]et time
[+-] Time Rate: 1
[f]ollowers...:* No*
[h]ack mover...: No
[l]ocation.....: Off
[m]odify Npc
[u]nk BugChkin : Yes
[q]ueue Toggle.: Off
[c]reate item
[a]ctivity dump

If you still cant find it, exit Ultima7 and try entering it again. Use this:

ultima7 abcd<alt-255>

Remember when typing Alt-255 to not let go of Alt until you enter 2 5 5. Don't use the numbers above the letters but use the ones on the right side of the keyboard. Make sure the Num Lock is on. If you need further help or have any questions, e-mail me at