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(premiere partie)

ULTIMA 7 (PT. 1)
Runic Alphabet
Main Characters
Books by Batlin

The Complete Guidebook
Version 2.2 (9-29-99)
by Dan Simpson (, ICQ: 185116)
Not every spell in this game is useful. Most are completely useless. Some are merely fun. Others you will use so often you'll wish your spell book had a "Last 10" spells section.
Which spells you can cast depends on your level. Level 6 can cast circle 6, Level 7 can cast circle 7, etc. The circle number also indicates how much mana a spell costs. Circle 7 costs 7 mana, etc.
Each Mage sells their spells based on the circle the spell is in, with a 6th circle spell costing more than a 1st. Notice how Mariah's costs are random? She's quite insane. It is recommended that you buy only the cheapest spell, as the cost adds up quickly.
There are 8 spells per circle and there are 8 circles (9 circles if you count "Linear Spells") for a total of 64 standard spells (+8 linear).

The Mages: (how many spells they have at the optimal price)
Nystul (5 spells): Britain - Lord British's castle
Rudyom (19 spells): Cove - his own house
Nicodemus (21 spells): Yew - house with giant chess set
Mariah (23 spells): Moonglow - Lycaeum
Wis-Sur (4 spells): Terfin (Gargoyle)
Note: Some of Nicodemus' and Rudyom's spells overlap

Symbols used in Spellbook below:
GN - Ginseng, GR - Garlic, BM - Blood Moss, NS - Nightshade,
SA - Sulfurous Ash, SS - Spider Silk, MR - Mandrake Root, BP - Black Pearl

R - Rudyom, Ny - Nystul, Ni - Nicodemus, W - Wis-Sur, M - Mariah

* - indicates you start with this spell

Linear Spells:(the linear spells are automatically in each spellbook)
-- No reagents are needed for any linear spell --
* Awaken
* Douse
* Fireworks
* Glimmer
* Help
* Ignite
* Thunder
* Weather

First Circle:
Name: Reagents: Mages(cost):
Awaken All GN, GR R(25)
Create Food GN, GR, MR Ny(35), M(60)
*Cure GN, GR Ni(25), R(25), M(80)
Detect Trap SS, NS Ni(25), R(25), M(100)
Great Douse GR, SS W(30), Ny(35)
Great Ignite SA, SS Ni(25), W(30)
*Light SA R(25), W(30), Ny(35), M(40)
Locate NS Ni(25), W(30), Ny(35)

Second Circle:
Destroy Trap SA, BM Ni(45), R(45), W(50), M(100)
Enchant BP, MR Ni(45), W(50), Ny(55)
*Fire Blast SA, BP R(45), W(50)
Great Light SA, MR R(45), W(50)
Mass Cure MR, GR, GN Ny(55)
Protection SA, GN, GR Ni(45), Ny(55), M(80)
Telekinesis BM, MR, BP R(45), Ny(55), M(60)
Wizard Eye BM, NS, MR, SA, BP, SS M(40), Ni(45)

Third Circle:
Curse SA, NS, GR R(65), W(70)
*Heal GN, GR, SS M(40), R(65), Ny(85)
Paralyze SS, NS Ni(65), R(65), W(70)
Peer NS, MR M(60), Ni(65)
Poison NS, BM, BP Ni(65), R(65), W(70)
Protect All SA, GN, GR, MR Ny(85), M(100)
Sleep NS, SS, BP M(80), Ny(85)
Swarm (none) Ni(65), W(70), Ny(85)

Fourth Circle:
Conjure SS, MR W(90), Ny(95)
Lightning BP, SA, MR R(85), W(90)
Mark MR, BP, BM M(40), Ni(85), R(85)
Mass Curse SA, NS, GR, MR W(90), Ny(95)
Recall MR, BP, BM M(60), Ni(85), R(85)
Reveal SA, BM W(90), Ny(95)
Seance BM, MR, NS, SS, SA M(80), R(85)
Unlock Magic SA, BM Ny(95), Ni(85), M(100)

Fifth Circle:
Charm BP, NS, SS M(60), R(115)
Dance MR, GR, BM M(100), R(115)
Dispel Field GR, BP, SA, SS Ni(115), W(120), Ny(125)
Explosion MR, SA, BP, BM Ni(115), R(115), W(120)
Fire Field BP, SA, SS M(80), W(120), Ny(125)
Great Heal GN, SS, MR, GR R(115), Ny(125)
Invisibility NS, BM M(40), Ni(115), Ny(125)
Mass Sleep GN, NS, SS Ni(115), W(120)

Sixth Circle:
Cause Fear NS, MR, GR M(80), Ny(145)
Clone SA, SS, BM, GN, NS, MR M(40), R(135), W(140)
Fire Ring SA, BP, MR, SS Ni(135), W(140), Ny(145)
Flame Strike SA, BP, BM Ny(145)
Magic Storm MR, NS, SA, BM M(100), R(135)
Poison Field NS, SS, BP Ni(135), R(135)
Sleep Field GN, SS, BP M(60), R(135), Ny(145)
Tremor BM, SA, MR Ni(135), W(140)

Seventh Circle:
Create Gold MR, SS R(155)
Death Bolt BP, NS, SA Ni(155), Ny(165)
Delayed Blast MR, SA, BP, BM, SS Ni(155), R(155)
Energy Field MR, BP, SS, SA M(100), Ni(155), Ny(165)
Energy Mist MR, NS, SA, BM M(60), Ni(155), Ny(165)
Mass Charm BP, NS, SS, MR R(155)
Mass Might BP, MR, GN M(40), Ny(165)
Restoration GN, GR, SA, MR M(80), R(155)

Eight Circle:
Armageddon All Reagants Needed R(185)
Death Vortex MR, NS, SA, BM Ni(185), Ny(195)
Invisibility MR, NS, BP, BM M(100), Ny(195)
Mass Death GR, GN, MR, BM, NS Ni(185), Ny(195)
Resurrection GR, GN, SS, SA M(40), R(185)
Summon MR, GR, BM Ni(185), R(185)
Swordstrike BP, MR, NS M(80), Ni(185), R(185)
Time Stop MR, BM, GR M(60), Ny(195)

Some Notes on Spells:
Necessary Spells:(cannot pass game without these!)
Seanceto talk to anyone in Skara Brae you need this (4-M-80)
Unlock Magicto get into Nicodemus' house you will need to open his door which is magically locked (4-Ny-95)

Very Useful Spells:(you'll really want these, trust me)
Cure and Mass CureYou'll find yourself poisoned at the worst times, and sometimes it is just completely inconvenient to go back to Lord British, and you'll need to save Jaana for more serious ailments. (start with cure, 2-Ny-55)
TelekinesisAllows you to move things without being near them. (2-R-45)
Mark and RecallNo point in having one without the other. Allows all sorts of teleportation to spots that you choose, unlike the orb of moons which takes you to predetermined spots. (4-M-40, 4-M-60)
RestorationThe spell that heals everyone completely. Very nice (7-M-80)
ResurrectionBecause Jaana and Lord British can't do it all the time. Plus what do you do if Jaana dies? (8-M-40)

Other Spells:
Only the really useful spells are covered above, as for the rest you can gauge your needs and decide if you really need them. Death Vortex is really nice (cast it on yourself and run around, anything that attacks you will die), as is Mass Death, but it's usually just as easy to fight on your own.

For a good time (save it before you do this), cast Armageddon. Everyone on the planet will die. Except Lord British and Batlin. Go talk to them, and hear what they have to say.

(only the BEST priced seller is listed, if its a tie then both are)
Name: Location: Best Seller: Price:
Black Pearl Cove Rudyom 5
Blood Moss Terfin Sarpling 2
Garlic Moonglow, Terfin Mariah, Sarpling 1
Ginseng Terfin Sarpling 1
Mandrake Root Cove, Yew Rudyom, Nicodemus 5
Nightshade Yew Nicodemus 5
Spider Silk Yew Nicodemus 3
Sulfurous Ash Terfin Sarpling 3

You can also gather your own reagants (free):
Sulfurous Ash near Dungeon Destard. (95S, 19W)
Spider Silk in the forest at (49N, 72W)
Nightshade around mushrooms at (47N, 61W)
*Note:* These aren't guaranteed to be there, but usually are.
*Note:* Wis-Sur also sells Blood Moss, Spider Silk, Sulfurous Ash, Mandrake Root, and Black Pearls, but at expensive prices. You can haggle, however.