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(premiere partie)

ULTIMA 7 (PT. 1)
Runic Alphabet
Main Characters
Books by Batlin

Most of the information on this page was from The Complete Guidebook (by Dan Simpson). It contains weapons for Forge of Virtue and Black Gate. It was also revised by Adam V and then by myself (but I am not done the revising). I've almost got all the took awhile finding all of the weapons and then getting pictures of them all (I use Exult so the create item cheat didn't work and I had no save games so had to start from the begginning of the game)

Black Sword --- Isle of Fire
Glass Sword (breaks) 127 (23S, 43W), (25N, 178E), (48N, 137E), (169S, 28E), (161S, 191E)
*Death Scythe 50 (53S, 64W), (45S, 154E)
*Juggernaut Hammer 25 (157S, 53E), (88S, 55E), (176S, 188E)
*Hoe of Destruction 20 Macks Shed in Cove
Firedoom Staff 20 (7N, 50W), (60S, 69E), (136S, 165E), (66N, 57W), (23S, 76W)
Powderkeg (explodes) 16 Near Cannons
2-Handed Sword 11 Weapon shops + most guards
Lighting Whip 10 (23N, 36W), (55N, 144E), (62S, 78E), (127S, 13W), (27N, 28W), (5S, 24W), (169S, 28E)
Halberd 10 Britian guards (or bandits in Yew)
Magic Axe 8 (157S, 53E), (23S, 76W), (23N, 15E
Fire Sword 8 (100S, 12W), (5S, 24W), (128S, 3W)
Scythe 7 Farms (in Farmer's posessions)
Magebane 7 (16 N, 38 E), (18N, 12W), (157S, 53E)
Sword of Defense 6 (3 Def.) (128S, 3W), (143S, 173E), (74S, 62E)
Magic Sword 6 (157S, 53E), (5S, 24W), (77N, 196E)
Custom Sword 6 (82N, 69E)
Sword 6 Weapon shop in Trinsic
Serpentine Sword 6 De Snel's home in Jhelom
Shovel 6 Farms
Shears 6 Any sewing shop
Fellowship Staff 6 Fellowship Hall in Trinsic
Great Dagger 5 Weapon shop in Trinsic
Morningstar 5
Pick 4 Mines
Throwing Axe 4 Grayson in Britain sells them (25gp)
Decorative Sword 4 (82N, 68E)
Whip 4
Hammer 4 Blackship shops
Torch 3 Tons of places (start with one)
Sling 3 Spark from Trinsic has one
Rake 2 Farms
Main Gauche 2 (82N, 68E), (105S, 3E)
Pitchfork 2 Farms
Magic Boomerang 2 (158S, 142E), (2N, 21E)
Knife 2 Kitchens
Hoe 2 Farms
Cleaver 2
Club 2 Kill Ogre at (0S, 67E), (104S, 10E)
Boomerang 1
Poison Dagger 1 + poison Pirates (Kregg from Empath Abbey), (16N, 38E), (80N, 60W), (169S, 28E), (161S, 191E), (23N, 13E), (143S, 173E), (88S, 55E), (4N, 31W), (79S, 89E)
Serpentine Dagger 1 De Snel's home in Jhelom
Dagger 1 Avatar starts with one

Missile Weapons:
Cannon 90 . Gate of Britain Castle
Triple Crossbow 28 Iolo's shop in Britain
Magic Bow 12 (48N, 74W), (46N, 7E), (85S, 126E)
Crossbow 10 Iolo starts with it
Fire Wand 10 (84S, 67E), (20S, 37W), (68N, 30W)
Musket 9 Britain Museum
Lightning Wand 8 (79S, 89E), (7N, 50W), (18N, 6W)
Bow 8 Sentri in Britain has one
Blowgun 1

Arrows (make the bow better)
Arrow +0 Sentri in Britain has some
Burst Arrow +2
Magic Arrow +4 Cast "Enchant" on arrows
Tseramed Arrow +1 Get from Tseramed in Yew

Bolts (make the crossbrows better)
Bolt +1 Iolo starts with some
Magic Bolt +2 cast "enchant" on bolts